"Drama is doing, being, believing and making the invisible visible. It offers a very dynamic way of presenting many subjects. It is a powerful means for the actors and audience alike to gain insights to their own and others' experiences. In educational settings drama can enhance learning in many different subjects areas, especially language arts, history, fine arts and social sciences. In institutional settings it can make change tangible."

Deborah Blanche


Deborah offers workshops in storytelling, acting, improvisation theatre, Chautauqua presentations and living history portrayals. These can be designed for experienced or beginning students and to develop specific skills or to give an overview of the process. They can be scheduled individually or as a series, in conjunction with performances or separately.

In addition Deb has considerable experience and interest in utilizing drama as a tool to examine communication patterns, interpersonal behaviors, social issues and promote positive transformation for individuals, groups and organizations. Some examples of the type of work she has done are given below under the category of projects; however many of the projects start from a single or series of workshops.

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   "Our residents are historically failure oriented and this project really helped them to understand that they do have the power to change and shape their own lives."

Youth Diagnostic and Development Center
New Mexico Department of Corrections


Long term work that involves innovative use of Deb’s skills and experience are called projects. Here are some that have been done over the years:

  • STOP (Student Teens on Problems). An improvisational theatre group that presented scenes on health and social issues of concern to the teen actors who created them

  • Herstories. A series of workshops with young women at risk on heroism and pro-active communication skills

  • Diversity Drama. Programs on human diversity which included improvised scenes from real life experiences presented as part of a Title V Grant, US Department of Education

  • Philmont Scout Ranch. Living history consultation, directing research and coaching staff on portrayals at historic sites.

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   "… she not only demonstrated her diverse and exceptional theatrical talents, she also displayed an unusual talent for communicating effectively with a population that has very limited exposure to theatrical arts."

Alamo Navajo School

Consultation and Training Workshops

Deb loves to pass on what she has learned to others who want to replicate some of the kinds of projects or work that she has accomplished. Short term visits for consultation or training of on site staff members are available. Long term consultation is possible, too. If you have a question or idea, email


Often there is need for the expertise of a coach to develop and polish specific presentations. This is an area that Deb enjoys and in which she excels.


Here Deb talks about her work, its origins, her process and herself interspersed with highlights from the performances themselves. This format is very adaptable in length and content. It is entertaining as well as informative. Excellent for luncheons, classrooms, promotional activities or events related the performance themes. Great in conjunction with tour performances.

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   "I admire her ability to be so creative, in a seemingly effortless manner, while fulfilling many objectives. She knows where to go with a project and how to get there. She balances priorities, concepts and people expertly. I have never seen her do anything that is second rate."

Director of Development and Promotions
KUNM-FM, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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